Upcoming Markets

Spring-O-Ween ~ April 27th 11-4. Market Square, unit 29

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Earthen Lore Ceramics has been made possible with the help and support of many wonderful family and friends with Wren being the potter behind it all.

Creative pursuits have been at the heart of Wren's existence whether it be drawing, painting, crochet, knitting, felting and whatever else she felt called to explore. Ceramics has been a medium she always returns to. There's something special about creating a tangible work of art that's also functional in everyday life. Wren was instantly hooked following her first pottery class - feeling that it was second-nature.

Wren spends as much of her free time as possible pursuing her love for ceramics. She balances her pottery with spending time outdoors, hiking and foraging ~ nature being her main muse. Through each piece she sends out into the world, she hopes that her love for her craft shines through.

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